Following the controversial comments made by one of the housemates of the ongoing BBNaija ‘All Stars edition, Seyi Awolowo, which many have described as ‘morally debased’, there’s a renewed concern to overhaul the biggest continental reality TV show.

Seyi had claimed during a conversation with Whitemoney after the Saturday night party that he had opened a miscellaneous account for his son to enable him have sex with other people’s daughters.

Though he has apologized, the comments have since sparked controversy on social media, with the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, DSVA, coming out to condemn the comments in its totality.

The agency, in a post on its official X, formerly known as Twitter, said, “we strongly condemn the comments made by Seyi Awolowo in the disturbing video that has surfaced. Such remarks perpetuate harmful attitudes and contribute to a culture of violence and abuse”.

This is even as some entertainers who spoke to our reporter, also expressed their reservations over the continued airing of the reality TV show on the Nigerian telecast space. But despite the sustained calls by some groups and clergymen to ban the show, the organizers have insisted that beyond its entertainment values, BBNaija reality TV show remains a veritable economic empowerment tool for the Nigerian youth.

According to Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe, “Many youth-oriented jobs are taken up whenever the Big Brother season comes around. Apart from ‘setting up’ the housemates for potential brand endorsements and sponsorships, many other youths can put their skills in photography, disc jockeying, multimedia and technical control, data analytics, fashion, creative arts and more to work; and get their money’s worth. This could come through direct employment by MultiChoice itself, or some indirect means by affiliated brands. Ugbe further revealed that last year’s ‘Level Up’ edition provided 1,200 jobs, directly and indirectly, while the production cost amounted to N4.7 billion which included licensing, modeling, marketing costs, among others.

Entertainers react

We need content that will inspire our youth towards greatness —Gospel singer, Righteousman

“No apologies… I don’t watch the BBNaija reality TV show. It has added no benefit to my life morally, financially or spiritually. It’s a waste of time sitting for hours to watch our supposed leaders of tomorrow fighting, sleeping, gossiping, romancing all in the name of getting rich through entertainment without proper education. Housemate engaging in illicit sex is not sex education. What we need today is content that will inspire our youth towards greatness, not celebrating immorality and promoting sex gangs. What your eyes see, is what your heart feeds upon! My eyes forbid corruption”.

It’s an empty content without educational values —Actor Emeka Rising

“I have never watched and will never watch it because of the fact that it lacks morality. My take on the ongoing BBNaija show is that it doesn’t have any aim and objectives. It’s empty content without any educational values. As a matter of fact, it should be banned completely in Nigeria. People go to school to acquire knowledge, some learn hand jobs, while many will delve into singing, acting and even dancing to showcase their talents. What BBNija stands for, it’s a pity that those who are creative do not have money to create content while the ones that have money at times are confused”.

It has no moral contributions to the society —Film director/Actor, Ugeze J. ugeze

“I do not watch the show. I have never watched the previous editions. I understand it is a business brand that belongs to someone, a registered business that millions of people like. On that note, I elect to chicken out in writing any critique on it. But I just feel it has no moral contributions to society.

The show is against everything African, Nigerian culture, tradition—Filmmaker, Alex Eyengho

“I watched the maiden edition of the BB Africa/Naija television show a few times and stopped watching it thereafter. This is because I discovered early enough that there is nothing African or Nigerian about the show. If anything, the show is everything against the African or Nigerian culture, tradition, and general way of life.

The show has nothing to teach our youth and participants, and this is why I agree with those who have condemned the show as promoting immorality in our society. In terms of concept, a television show of that magnitude should be an opportunity to showcase the African way of life to the rest of the world in terms of our norms and values.

The majority of what is portrayed in the show are foreign cultures, which conflicts with the Nigerian and African way of life. For me, the concept of the show should be changed completely. The producers should go back to the drawing board with their African thinking caps on, with their heads properly screwed on their necks.

There’s nothing wrong with the show, nobody is forced to watch it—Actress Daniella Nsisong

“I don’t really watch the show. But I love Tacha who was disqualified from the show in 2019. I lost interest in the show after Tacha’s disqualification because my heart was broken. It’s a wonderful show that has helped so many people in and outside the country. There is nothing wrong with the show, if you think the show doesn’t suit your standards, there are many other channels to keep you entertained. Nobody is forced to watch it.