Blue Pictures

25th November - 5:00 PM

2nd Floor, Lagos City Mall, Onikan, Lagos


FREE ENTRY, But Registration is Compulsory

Event Overview

Event Name and Theme

Event Name: "Blue Pictures Celebrity Hangout"
Theme: "Celebrating Excellence in Entertainment"


The primary objective of the event is to bring together industry professionals, aspiring filmmakers, and film enthusiasts to celebrate the entertainment industry's achievements. We aim to foster collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Event Organizers

Organized by Blue Pictures, a leading entertainment production company with a strong commitment to promoting and supporting local talent. With over a decade of industry experience, Blue Pictures is dedicated to enhancing the entertainment landscape.

Event Purpose

The "Blue Pictures Celebrity Hangout" serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the entertainment industry. By creating an environment for industry experts, emerging talent, and enthusiasts to connect and share insights, the event contributes to the overall growth and excellence of the entertainment sector.

Unique Selling Points (USP)

Distinguished by a series of exclusive celebrity meet-and-greet sessions. A blend of live entertainment, and exclusive film screenings. Opportunities for networking with industry peers and celebrities.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Enhanced Visibility

    Extensive branding opportunities at the event and in promotional materials.

  • Direct Engagement

    Access to a targeted audience of 300 industry professionals, aspiring filmmakers, and film enthusiasts

  • Tailored Activation Space

    Customized platform to showcase products/services and engage attendees.

  • Industry Recognition

    Acknowledgment as a key supporter of TGIF CELEBRITY HANGOUT

  • Networking Access

    Valuable connections with industry leaders and industry professionals, aspiring filmmakers, and film enthusiasts

Date: 25 Nov 2023


Time: 5:00 PM



2nd Floor Lagos City Mall Onikan,
Opposite Muson Center,
Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Value Proposition

The "Blue Pictures Celebrity Hangout" promises an exciting celebration of the entertainment industry's excellence, bringing together industry leaders, emerging talents, and enthusiasts for a memorable evening of networking, learning, and entertainment.

For Attendees

Networking, knowledge sharing, entertainment, & the chance to connect with industry professionals and celebrities.

For Sponsors & Partners

High visibility, brand exposure, and the opportunity to align with a prominent industry event.


The "Blue Pictures Celebrity Hangout" is a recurring event, taking place every last Friday of the month, ensuring a regular opportunity for participation and collaboration.

Attendance is Free! But registration is required.

25th November
5:00 PM

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