Ran Levy


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  • Height: 5' 10¾" (1.8 m)


Ran Levy is an Israeli born actor. He was born in Tel Aviv and grew up both in San Diego and Israel. After completing three years of mandatory service in the Israeli Air Force he moved to New York and begun pursuing a career in the filed of acting. In his native country he appeared in several feature films, guest stared in Television shows, appeared in commercials and Fringe theatre as well as taking part as an actor simulator at “Meser” one of the worlds leading simulation centre in the medical filed. He Studied with New York acting coach and director: Bruce Ornstein, legendary Israeli actress and former Broadway star Dina Doron, the Nissan Nativ Acing studio & the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. In addition to being an actor he also has B.A. in Behavioural studies and worked along side Terror survivors and Mentally ill patients.


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  • Pad Man

    Biography, Comedy, Drama

    0 /10

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Trailer: Pad Man