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Joshua was born in Israel in 1986 from an American mother and a French father. He did not stay very long in Israel, his parents moved to France. After the loss of his father in 1993, Joshua moved to Marseille, south of France. He stayed there till the end of high school. At the age of 17, he applied for a Scholarship to go one year abroad with the organization called AFS. He spent one year in Chicago with a host family and this experience was so important for him that it turned out to a movie called “a year in a life”.. When he came back, Joshua decided to go to an art school in Aix en Provence. Joshua did his first short videos at that time. The year 2008 was really important for Joshua. He met Cyril Slucki with whom he started the web series TV 2013. Together they animated the website ReseauMarseillais. Joshua was in charge of the WebTV. In 2010, they produced their first short movie called Saison 2 – Le Film and their first Tv Show : Dédé le Fachomako Between 2011 and 2013, Joshua decided to focus and work on something different, as a volunteer for AFS, he was asked to be the PR Manager of the most important event of the AFS Network called the European Volunteer Summer Summit. He did that in 2012 and 2013, that last one in Denmark is known to be the best one ever organized. In 2013, Joshua got back with Cyril to work on the project CVStreet. A project that would become their first long length feature film. The same year, Joshua decided to go back 10 years earlier to find all the footages from his year abroad. He then started the new version of the documentary called A year in a life – He went to interview 7 different people, and used the footages he already had. An important and ambitious project. It’s in 2015 that Joshua finished the movie that will premiere at the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit in Berlin. As the year 2016 starts, Joshua was cast in a movie directed by Antonio Negret “Overdrive” starring Scott Eastwood, Freddie Thorp, Gaia Weiss and Ana de Armas. CVStreet also became a TVShow called ”Chasseurs d’Emplois” airing on a local channel : TV SUD Provence Joshua is also the producer of the short movie Phren


  • Movie Name


  • Overdrive

    Action, Thriller

    5.3 /10

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