We are Blue Pictures

West Africa’s best Film Distribution Company

Blue pictures is a leading film distribution & consulting company based in Nigeria with a link to West African territories.

Since it’s launch in 2006, Blue pictures has established a good working relationship with independent studios worldwide and act as Sub distribution Consultant to the major studios like Walt Disney and Warner Bros.

Blue Pictures also act as Consultants to Crimson Multimedia Ltd based in Kenya as a sub distributor for the major studios as mentioned above, also Independent India Studios – Independent studios in the US.

Our main objective is to bring all movies, all genres from every territory to the burgeoning Nigerian market and to West Africa.

Blue pictures distributes movies into West Africa (Nigeria & Ghana) with a combined total of 25 cinemas and 106 screens. More cinemas are opening in 2016 and we expect an additional 10 screens by the turn of the year.

  • Client Satisfaction by ensuring on time delivery of prints, DCP & Materials to all cinemas in West Africa.
  • Increase markets share & profitability for client.
  • New & Emerging Market opportunity for Client products viz-a-viz – New Cinemas opening etc. Reach out to European independents.
  • Utilize own platform to publicize movie & host Premiere through sponsorship, partnership & product by-in.
  • Provide real time analysis for the movies through frequent updates & verifiable reports for all her titles.
  • End to -End service delivery to cinemas anytime, anywhere.

Corporate Achievements

  • Box office records for all films distributed on behalf of Warner Bros, Disney, local Independent & Indian titles.
  • Timely recovery of original returns from cinemas & reporting. Industry respect and enhanced reputation.
  • Recovery of royalties to studios from exhibitors and seamless transfer of funds to studios have earned us trust amongst others.
  • Marketing & premiere of movies distributed in Ghana & Nigeria has earned us goodwill with cinemas, media & brands who frequently support our movies.
  • DCP Storage/ Logistics
  • Awarded Best Distributor in West Africa 2012 & 2013

Studios We Represnt

  • Warner Bros
  • Disney
  • Int’l Independent Studios
  • Local Independent studios
  • Indian Titles

Distributed Movies Since 2007

  • All Warner Bros Theatrical Titles Till date
  • All Walt Disney Theatrical Titles Till Date
  • Blue Pictures Independent Titles
  • Nollywood Titles