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Dumbo was first released in 1941, Yeah; you must be wondering how that is.
The director Ben Sharpsteen decided to keep the movie simple and inexpensive so Dumbo was released more with a cartoon display. It was a 64 minutes long movie (including credits) and a budget of $950,000.00 and grossed $1.6 million in the box office. The 1941 movie was directed by several sequence directors and a supervising director but the 2019 release is being director by the legend himself “Tim Burton”
The cast of 1941 are completely different from the cast of 2019 and “sure you expected that”.
The original movie came out of a novel written by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl;
Dumbo 2019 big names includes Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito & Eva Green and the production quality of the movie far exceeds the original production of 2019. Technicolor takes credit for the visual technology used in producing the movie and indeed, we agree that it is amazing.
Dumbo 1941 had a budget of $950,000 but Dumbo 2019 has a whooping budget of $50 million as Walt Disney really put their back into this one bringing out the story line and picture quality of about 78 years ago to the big screen in 2019.
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