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Hi Guys,

Updating you on one of the biggest movie releases in 2019; in just a few days in the United States globally on the 8th and releasing also on the 15th in West Africa.

Thank you for staying tune to our build up and now we have some information for you from the Architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

We all have seen Avengers: Infinity Wars, the magnificent power display from the entire Avengers team and of course the BIG Thanos. We are all curious about the Avenger: Endgame coming to the cinema in April. We can theme it; THE BIGGEST RELEASE OF 2019,

According to Feige, Captain Marvel will be the most powerful character in the entire MCU, i am sure you are thinking in my direction now; does this mean she will indeed rescue the Avenger in the next release!!!! Fingers crossed.

Check our sources below and stay tuned for more updates.

Captain Marvel; Most Powerful in the MCU

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